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This is just a quick entry to explain what happened today and why I’ve not really spoken to anyone and said yeah drs fine, 1) because i’m too exhausted and 2) because I don’t know whats what yet. 

Well today after a night of head pain and added noise of a cold and windy night and out back gate banging in the wind and hence very little sleep I toke to a day at the dr.’s…. little did I know this at the time. The 1hour job ended up taking 4 hours! A lot of waiting was involved and Im now typing this after having a sleep and I still feel exhausted!
I left the house at 8:45 and managed to get my appointment with the dr, We just went over what had happened over the past couple of weeks and made some minor medication adjustments and then was sent for a ECG. Last time I had a ECG my heart rate was slow and as I am now on the new drug which can cause problems with the heart they are keeping and eye on it. I was really pleased when I asked the nurse from behind the curtain if my heart rate had gone up and she said yes… I thought this was going to be far better than my last appointment. How wrong could I be. 
I got dressed and the nurse said she would show the dr. Well it turns out there was something wrong with the ECG this time… I was ready for it though as Id been given a copy of the ECG which read “abnormal ECG”. I was tired, cold, my head and feet hurt and I was fed up with waiting ! 
An hour nearly passed in which time all things wonder through your head. Finally the nurse came back and blurted some stuff which I have no idea what it meant “A Junctional rhythm with non-specific ST and T wave abnormality – Abnormal ECG”which was pointed out to me on this paper followed by a the doctor wants you to book another ECG friday afternoon with an appointment to see her afterwards. Well i though i’d never get an appointment for that soon and for both at the same time… well actually I did which is unheard of at our surgery… normally I’ve been booking my ECG’s a week and a half beforehand. So mum was standing looking kinda freaked out… to be honest Im not overtly worried, Yes I’ve had some chest pain but this isn’t anything new from my last ECG and nothing bad has happened yet so why worry what a few lines on a bit of paper say!. Friday is just 2 days away so we will find out more then. For now i’m not thinking about it. 
Needless to say being at the dr’s for that long was exhausting, I’ve had a little sleep and now plan a long hot soak in the bath. 

Other than the escapades of today things have been slowing down a bit. The headaches are easing although still getting on average 3 attacks a day. Im now able to concentrate a bit more on the fundraiser and am making awareness ribbons and other things ready for 19th October. Its all quite exciting as i’ve never done anything this big and organised the lot before. Its going to be really good though and Im really hoping people turn up so we can raise lots! 

Well Friday I had my repeat ECG. It was a bit of a nightmare and I’m putting it down to being Friday 13th even though I’m not really supersticious. The surgery computers had crashed and that included 
the ECG machine. They finally got half of it up and running so I was able to have the test done. The dr came in while I was having it done as she wanted to see it. It turns out that the on previously had shown I had first degree heart block. The dr was hoping that the heart would recover and only do this occasionally and recover in between which it looks like it does. At least I know know why I get my chest pain every now and then however good news is that so far I can still stay on the pills but need close monitoring. 

Planning a Fundraiser

While I lay awake with pain from the tip of my toes to my head after a severe seizure, what do you think I think about? how unfair life is? how I wish things were different? oh boy how depressed am I?

No … I think about what Im going to do next. I think about what I can do to make a difference. How can I raise more money for epilepsy action next. I think about events, ideas, purple things (the colour for epilepsy is purple). 
Well a couple of weeks ago I was doing just this. I had suffered 3 seizures that day and was laying in bed with a cat by my feet and I had a idea pop into my head. Id read the latest epilepsy action magazine which had a advert for the “epilepsy tea break” I decided I would do a fundraiser around this idea but expand it. I wasn’t content enough with just a plain ld coffee morning.. i needed something more, something that would need organisation and planning. A fundraiser was the perfect idea. 
I broached the subject to mum… knowing she hates events, crowds and anything that needs such organisation people I wasn’t expecting the positive reaction I got however that was it then… Note pad and pen out and I’d started planning. 

The plans  are still in the process of being organised but the event called:

“Jo’s Epilepsy Awareness Tea Party” 

will be taking place on Saturday 19th October 

between: 1pm – 5pm GMT

At: my house…. 4 Mill View Road, Herne, Herne Bay. CT6 7JE

Please come along 

There will be craft stalls including “dream a little dream”: by Lara Simpson
who makes stunning dream catchers 

Epilepsy awareness stall

Crafts by Claire 

Glitter Lining crafts 


Refreshments and Cake 


A quiz

Glitter Tattoo’s 

Nail art 

and more. 

More details will be given in due course 

Abseil Day

Abseil day was a amazing experience. I woke up really tired, the weather was wet and cold 🙁 oh no I thought typical !

We got ready, I donned my epilepsy awareness Tshirt and purple ribbon makeup and grabbed all the cameras… We were off. Kara was due to be going with my friend who is also a photographer and was coming to take professional pics. My other friend tink was going with daryl (a friend from dads work). I couldn’t get it round my head that all these people were coming to support me. I was so shocked of how many people wanted to support me (or maybe they just wanted to see me 200fr up dangling on the end of a fishing line!?) 

Ok it was more than a fishing line but that’s how it felt that high up! 
We all arrived.kara had made everyone team Jo badges to wear! I was amazed! 
They were fab. 

 I went to register and I got my sticker which I put on my shirt. This told everyone i was a participant.

Next we were taken round into a car park, I separated from my friends and was hooked up to a harness. The gloves I were given were far too big and each participant had two pairs to wear each! 

 We were then taken up in the elevator 15 floors. Then two flights of stairs and another half dozen steps onto the roof. This part was enclosed a little. We had a photo taken. 
Then we had to climb two ladders walk across a partition and up another ladder. We were then ready to abseil. 
I chose to be feathered to the rather hunky looking ex sas soldier! Wonder why! Ha ha 
Everybody had told me the worst part would be going over the top so I was really nervous. I did exactly what the sas soldier told me to do though and it was fun. The view was amazing and I couldn’t help but look down. My feeling was : if I’m going to get the most from this experience I want to see the view! 
Once over the edge the hard work started. We went down in twos but the lady who I went down with Sandra had done these challenges before… She was also a bit heavier than me so the rope lowered her down… It wasn’t till the sas man told me I would have to lift the rope up because I was very light that I done that and started to move! 
I continued on my way down, soaking up the scenery but getting extremely cold . I am not the type of person that does well in cold. I was shivering and my hands were numb… I was really starting to wonder if my hands would hold me because they were so cold. I continued on my way down… Sandra was gone. Either I was slow or she was really fast! I stopped for a minute I looked down thinking I was nearly at the bottom… Wow big shock…. I was only 1/4 of the way down. I had way over half way to go! 
I was slightly worried but knew I was in safe hands I slowly and steadily continued on my way. There was a little squee when the wind we me off the wall and I scrambled my feet back onto the vertical surface again but apart from that he decent went well. 

Eventually I did reach the bottom, a big cheer from all my friends, I then disappears behind this wall where mum as was waiting. I started to feel dizzy as my feet reached the ground.. My only working eye went blurry too, I was so so cold I couldn’t stop shaking. I was pushed against the wall to keep me steady while the guys untied me from my harness. Another guy wrapped me in his coat and gave me a drink. I sat on the steel staircase and warmed up.

Once warm (less cold) mum and I went to meet everyone… I had to go back to the desk and collect my certificate. Upon doing so Claire presented me with a rosette and tiara! It was amazing. I cried, all emotions running through me. 

We all piled in cars and went back to mine where there was hot coffee, tea and nibbles. It was lovely to have all those people close to me on one room. I felt honoured and privilaged to have so many good friends who supported me and continue to support me. 

That day will never be forgotten. It is one of the best times of my life. 

After the abseil I had two newspaper mentions and was on the local billboard I was also on line and I had overwhelming response to my video which I will post on the next blog my total fundraising was £720 ! 

Fundraising start

One of my new years resolutions I made while laying in the resus unit at the hospital was to raise as much awareness about epilepsy as I could and to raise some money for epilepsy research. This is a resolution I intended to keep. 

I met some people online this year and lots of groups about epilepsy, It made me even more determined to do what I wanted to do. I started making jewellery with purple ribbons as I was going to sell these for purple day. Then I had an opportunity to do something amazing, stupid maybe and raise money. I had the chance to Abseil 200ft ! despite mum not wanting me to I booked and took the bull by the horns! I was excited but terrified at the same time. Ive never been up that high in the fresh air before so had no Idea how I would react. The date was set…. 17th March 2012 ! 

A few week into my raising money and sponsership campaign I had a text from my bestie friend who I met last summer…. Linda. “what date is your abseil?” I replied… the next text “Jade and I are coming down to watch!” OMG OMG OMG My best friend tink had already said she would come down… now linda too I was so excited. The next couple of months were crazy, advertising, planning and raising more money than I dreamed of. I thought Id be able to raise £50 maybe £100. Well when I reached £200, then £300 then £400 I was shocked ! 

Linda and Jade were to come down on the friday and then I would be staying at the hotel with them and then saturday would be a girlie day and sunday abseil day ! 
Friday was amazing, Id not stayed away from home in 5 years, unless you class hospitals ! 

The friday arrived, Linda and Jade arrived and all I can say is we had a amazing girlie weekend ! I am so so greatful to them for coming, It made my year! Im so lucky to have some brilliant true friends. 
Me on the saturday.