My Bucket List


Nothing To Hope For, Nothing To Try For, 
Nothing To Live For, Nothing To Die For                                            
                                    – Redeemer

  1. Beat Epilepsy
  2. Get my driving licence
  3. Graduate (because I missed mine when I was in hospital)
  4. Make melted crayon art
  5. Take mum to disney in America
  6. Leave my hand in wet cement
  7. Become a nail artist
  8. Dress up as a disney princess 
  9. Get mum to have fun
  10. Make a glo-stick fairy jar (photos!)
  11. Put mentos in diet coke and stand back – PHOTOS ! ! ! 
  12. Dye my hair bright purple
  13. Get a tattoo 
  14. Go camping, sleeping under the stars and eating smores over a fire.
  15. Visit the cadbury’s chocolate factory
  16. attend a proper pop concert
  17. Become a inspiration and leave my footprints on the world. 
  18. Publish my own book
  19. Try vodka gummy bears
  20. Abseil
  21. Embroider a trip on a map
  22. Paraglide 
  23. Go on the London Eye
  24. Make a duct tape dress
  25. Send a message in a bottle
  26. Go in a helicopter
  27. Have a ride on a Harley Davidson – Wind in my hair, Perfect !
  28. horse-back riding with friends
  29. watch the sunrise and set
  30. Watch fireworks
  31. Go to Robin hood country and re-live the book
  32. Swim with dolphins
  33. Go to the Kent County show
  34. Go Ice skating
  35. Go in a canoe or paddle boat
  36. Go dry skiing in England so its not too cold! 
  37. Walk through a pumpkin patch near halloween
  38. Go to harrods and buy something even if I can only afford a tea towel ! 
  39. Walk down petticoat lane and carnaby street in London
  40. Go skinny dipping in the sea at night! 
  41. Learn to sing and record a song
  42. Ride a bull ride at a fair
  43. Get lots of subscribers on youtube (to help me go to and press the subscribe button)
  44. Go to New York
  45. Put a lock on the love bridge in Paris
  46. Go whale watching
  47. Try lobster!
  48. Go ten-pin bowling
  49. Go to the races and place a small bet then wave my arms about and think it makes the horse or dog go faster ! 
  50. Stand on a Pyramid 
  51. Cuddle a baby monkey 
  52. Dance in the rain with someone who’s as daft as me!
  53. Have a water fight in the sunshine
  54. Put a piece of gum on the seattle wall
  55. Visit the sanfrancisco secret mosaic staircase
  56. Go to “Sears Tower” Chicago on a ledge
  57. go in a Mac make up shop
  58. Go on a 3 day safari at Livingstone lodge in Port Lympne 
  59. Swim under a waterfall
  60. Tye dye a tshirt
  61. Visit a  aquarium 
  62. Learn to play guitar
  63. Visit the wonderful world of Harry potter
  64. See the northern lights
  65. Throw someone a surprise party
  66. visit stone henge
  67. volunteer or get a small job somewhere involving animals or craft. 
  68. braid my hair so it look s beautiful. 
  69. See the Coca Cola Truck
  70. Shop in a big city of the UK
  71. Drink from a coconut
  72. Get another piercing
  73. Visit the Grand canyon
  74. Be known for fundraising lots
  75. Drive down route 66
  76. Go to IMATS
  77. Have a kabab
  78. Try zumba
  79. Walk the great wall of china
  80. Create my own charity
  81. Visit Pixar
  82. Write a letter to myself and open it in 10 years 
  83. See the northern lights
  84. Visit santa at the north pole
  85. Have a photo shoot and a laugh with mum. 
  86. Eat at the hard rock cafe or planet hollywood.
  87. run Disney 5K
  88. Go in a corn maze of maise! 
  89. Go in  a hot air balloon
  90. Play with baby tigers 
  91. Write a message on a balloon and let go
  92. Have a party with all my friends who have supported me over the years.
  93. See my nan and grandad live to at least 100 ! 
  94. Complete a piece of knitting and crochet
  95. Have a BBQ on the beach with friends
  96. Go fishing
  97. Organise to take mum on holiday where she will get to go on a plane
  98. Make sure all my friends know I love them
  99. Indoor skydiving  and raise money for epilepsy
  100.  Have a pet rat again. 
  101. Have a close animal encounter experience.

My experience with epilepsy