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Over the last year, my events, videos, campaigns and words have spread all over the world. Ive been contacted by people from all sides of the globe which i never thought possible. I never dreamed that my awareness campaign would get this big… But it has.

Here a few news bits and articles that have come from that.

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VIDEO: Herne Bay musician Jo Mumford is on a mission;                   News got about about my first video and this is the article arising from that.

1st news


My Herne Bay;                                                                                                                      Our town (Herne Bay, Kent) has a section in their paper where they interview people. I got asked to be part of it and answer some questions…. Here is the article.

magazine news


Epilepsy Action Magazine (Epilepsy Today);                                                        When Epilepsy Action (the charity I fundraise for) heard about my abseil they asked for a interview so they could write an article to put into their magazine !  so I can officially say I’ve been printed in a magazine 🙂 was a highlight which came at the right time. As you can see I was in bed…. September when id just come out of hospital and was still recovering.

1148132_499992873411775_2139087421_n 1081162_500003130077416_1066961303_n

From this article the Newspaper printed the following.


Thursday Thought (Stop & Smell The Roses);                                                            I was asked if my blog entry “Stop and smell the roses” could be used as a Thursday thought which is a thing the Herne Bay Times does. Of course it was my honour !

news 3


Thursday Thought (take 2!) (Make 2014 the year of niceness);                                                            I was asked if I would write another Thursday thought. I was wondering what to write when I saw a conversation on Facebook and heard a few things which were going on which I didn’t like…. It was only the start of the year and people were arguing. So that inspired this piece of writing.

Screen Shot 2014-02-07 at 12.57.20


Jo in the running to be ‘Epilepsy Champion’
923470_588631584547903_1834385754_nOne day I had this certificate come through my door telling me I was in the running for Epilepsy Champion!
A week later I had a phone call telling me i was in the newspaper.
Both were surprises !

Screen Shot 2014-02-27 at 10.56.50


My experience with epilepsy