Fundraising start

One of my new years resolutions I made while laying in the resus unit at the hospital was to raise as much awareness about epilepsy as I could and to raise some money for epilepsy research. This is a resolution I intended to keep. 

I met some people online this year and lots of groups about epilepsy, It made me even more determined to do what I wanted to do. I started making jewellery with purple ribbons as I was going to sell these for purple day. Then I had an opportunity to do something amazing, stupid maybe and raise money. I had the chance to Abseil 200ft ! despite mum not wanting me to I booked and took the bull by the horns! I was excited but terrified at the same time. Ive never been up that high in the fresh air before so had no Idea how I would react. The date was set…. 17th March 2012 ! 

A few week into my raising money and sponsership campaign I had a text from my bestie friend who I met last summer…. Linda. “what date is your abseil?” I replied… the next text “Jade and I are coming down to watch!” OMG OMG OMG My best friend tink had already said she would come down… now linda too I was so excited. The next couple of months were crazy, advertising, planning and raising more money than I dreamed of. I thought Id be able to raise £50 maybe £100. Well when I reached £200, then £300 then £400 I was shocked ! 

Linda and Jade were to come down on the friday and then I would be staying at the hotel with them and then saturday would be a girlie day and sunday abseil day ! 
Friday was amazing, Id not stayed away from home in 5 years, unless you class hospitals ! 

The friday arrived, Linda and Jade arrived and all I can say is we had a amazing girlie weekend ! I am so so greatful to them for coming, It made my year! Im so lucky to have some brilliant true friends. 
Me on the saturday. 

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