Bucket List Achievements

Number 20: Abseil. 

Abseil 2013

On March 19th 2013 I abseiled 200ft for Epilepsy Action down Miller house in Maidstone. It was so amazing, thrilling, and yet quiet, calm and a lovely view. It was much harder work than I expected and it was so so cold but I really enjoyed it and completed it raising £720 for Epilepsy Action


Number 13: Get a Tattoo

Ive now done this twice.

if you can dream it you can do it

My first tattoo is my foot one – done in two parts it is mickeys head with tiggers print inside as I love disney and tigger (tigz) is my nickname many of my friends have given to be cos I’m always bouncing back. The quote is there to remind me exactly that “if you can dream it you can do it”.  🙂

collage tatt

My second tattoo is on my left wrist. it is my dedication to Epilepsy awareness.  The butterfly is a symbol of epilepsy awareness and the ribbon is the epilepsy ribbon. The sparkles represent me and all my friends who have stood by me !  Im really pleased and proud of my tattoo and it will always remind me to stay strong and never loose hope.


Number 64: Throw someone a surprise party 

mothers day surprise

on mothers day i threw mum a surprise party with my friends mum next door. they both loved it.


Number 21: Embroider a trip on a map


I did this when I went up to Lincolnshire to see one of my best friends Linda & her family. We had such an amazing time and even ticked off a few more things off my bucket list which was a surprise.


Number 12: Dye my hair bright purple! 

purple hair & happy

Purple hair and not photoshopped either – totally from the packet ! enough said 🙂 i was very happy!


Number 10: Glow stick fairy jar


Id seen this on Pinterest and the curios me wanted to actually see it for my very own eyes ! could i really make a glow jar and it look like the fairies did it? well …. yes ! and Linda and I had such a laugh making it …. her kitchen probably still glows today ! 


Number 11: Put mentor in diet coke… stand back ! 


I have wanted to do this since secondary school. Ive seen videos on youtube but its not the same… just have to do it yourself !  The photo does not give it justice to how far the coke actually went !


Number 15: Visit the Cadburys chocolate factory


Ever since I was knee high and had watched charlie and the chocolate factory I wanted to go to a chocolate factory. Aged 26 I finally made it ! I still enjoyed it as much as i would have as a kid though – if not more ! this really is on my top of my wants before i die and I’ve done it ! 🙂


Number 30: Go to Robbin hood country and relive the book 



To this day I think this is the most lovely, calm and peaceful place i have ever been. Sherwood forrest is where i left a piece of my heart behind. I truly love this forrest and would love to explore it more one day but for the few hours i was there and was able to hide & climb in the trees and play with the leaves, and go to the Robbin hood exhibition and see the great oak it was amazing and i was in heaven on this wonderful earth.


Number 47: Go ten pin bowling

PicMonkey Collage

Went ten pin bowling with mum and Darren. The day was so funny and i think we all hurt from laughing which for me was much needed therapy at that time. Darren completely wiped the floor with us however mum did win one game ! I didn’t win any but it didn’t matter cos i still had fun and did get a couple of strikes so i was happy !


Number 59: Tie Dye a tee shirt

tie dye collage

Until this day i never realised how much hard work and how much mess it was to tie dye a tshirt ! the end result was amazing though…..



Number 68: See the Coca Cola truck 

on 22nd December the coca cola truck visited Canterbury and I managed to get there… all be it a struggle but I saw that red truck glory ! 



Stay tuned for more as they happen ! 







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