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Speaking out.

Over the weeks running up to the abseil I started speaking out about epilepsy more. I was never the type to tell the world about my problems… It just wasn’t me. However after meeting people online and looking back at the people I have met in this world that were rude, nasty and had not any idea about epilepsy I realised that my new friends were right and that more awareness needed to be raised about epilepsy. If you say the word cancer to someone they instantly understand and know what you mean… try saying the word epilepsy and watch the persons expression as they try and analyse you to see if you are mental, or can understand them or are going to attack them at any given moment… its not right. 

I looked about on the internet and I relaised that although there are many more things about than when I was a teen there was nothing to really help them or infact the rest of the world know they are not alone. 

I then created this video. 

This tells the truth about living with epilepsy and tells people about my epilepsy. 

Epilepsy is about having seizures but it is more severe than you think and 1000 people in the UK alone die every year from epilepsy. 

I Wanted to show people with epilepsy they are not alone and that everyone has down days but life is still worth living. After the struggles I have had in life I nearly didnt make it, not because I have been in intensive care a total of 3 times due to seizure but because I tried to end it all when I was a teen and felt so alone.  Anyway this has a positive end of that  it is hard but it does get better and it is worth the struggle. 

I have since made a few more videos about my fundraising and about epilepsy. There will be more in the future to they can be viewed on my youtube channel. link below. 
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Ive also done a interview with a online paper and the Local media and I hope when I figure out what im going to do next re fundraising they will help me cover it and raise even more awareness. 

Link to the online article below 

The News paper article about my abseil

Abseil Day

Abseil day was a amazing experience. I woke up really tired, the weather was wet and cold 🙁 oh no I thought typical !

We got ready, I donned my epilepsy awareness Tshirt and purple ribbon makeup and grabbed all the cameras… We were off. Kara was due to be going with my friend who is also a photographer and was coming to take professional pics. My other friend tink was going with daryl (a friend from dads work). I couldn’t get it round my head that all these people were coming to support me. I was so shocked of how many people wanted to support me (or maybe they just wanted to see me 200fr up dangling on the end of a fishing line!?) 

Ok it was more than a fishing line but that’s how it felt that high up! 
We all arrived.kara had made everyone team Jo badges to wear! I was amazed! 
They were fab. 

 I went to register and I got my sticker which I put on my shirt. This told everyone i was a participant.

Next we were taken round into a car park, I separated from my friends and was hooked up to a harness. The gloves I were given were far too big and each participant had two pairs to wear each! 

 We were then taken up in the elevator 15 floors. Then two flights of stairs and another half dozen steps onto the roof. This part was enclosed a little. We had a photo taken. 
Then we had to climb two ladders walk across a partition and up another ladder. We were then ready to abseil. 
I chose to be feathered to the rather hunky looking ex sas soldier! Wonder why! Ha ha 
Everybody had told me the worst part would be going over the top so I was really nervous. I did exactly what the sas soldier told me to do though and it was fun. The view was amazing and I couldn’t help but look down. My feeling was : if I’m going to get the most from this experience I want to see the view! 
Once over the edge the hard work started. We went down in twos but the lady who I went down with Sandra had done these challenges before… She was also a bit heavier than me so the rope lowered her down… It wasn’t till the sas man told me I would have to lift the rope up because I was very light that I done that and started to move! 
I continued on my way down, soaking up the scenery but getting extremely cold . I am not the type of person that does well in cold. I was shivering and my hands were numb… I was really starting to wonder if my hands would hold me because they were so cold. I continued on my way down… Sandra was gone. Either I was slow or she was really fast! I stopped for a minute I looked down thinking I was nearly at the bottom… Wow big shock…. I was only 1/4 of the way down. I had way over half way to go! 
I was slightly worried but knew I was in safe hands I slowly and steadily continued on my way. There was a little squee when the wind we me off the wall and I scrambled my feet back onto the vertical surface again but apart from that he decent went well. 

Eventually I did reach the bottom, a big cheer from all my friends, I then disappears behind this wall where mum as was waiting. I started to feel dizzy as my feet reached the ground.. My only working eye went blurry too, I was so so cold I couldn’t stop shaking. I was pushed against the wall to keep me steady while the guys untied me from my harness. Another guy wrapped me in his coat and gave me a drink. I sat on the steel staircase and warmed up.

Once warm (less cold) mum and I went to meet everyone… I had to go back to the desk and collect my certificate. Upon doing so Claire presented me with a rosette and tiara! It was amazing. I cried, all emotions running through me. 

We all piled in cars and went back to mine where there was hot coffee, tea and nibbles. It was lovely to have all those people close to me on one room. I felt honoured and privilaged to have so many good friends who supported me and continue to support me. 

That day will never be forgotten. It is one of the best times of my life. 

After the abseil I had two newspaper mentions and was on the local billboard I was also on line and I had overwhelming response to my video which I will post on the next blog my total fundraising was £720 !