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Thursday Thought

I was really surprised this morning when I woke up to a link I was mentioned in on twitter. I am still relatively new to twitter and don’t know many people on there I don’t have many tweeters? or followers? It really is all a big adventure at the moment. Anyway I followed the link to find that what Myself and the lovely reporter were talking about last night was already done and live online! 

I had been asked to do the Thursday thought for the this is kent online column, Its part of the Herne bay, whitstable and faversham times newspaper group. I was really touched when Liz said my writing was good. I still find it hard to believe that anyone does read my blog. So this was very touching. 

Anyway the entry “stop and smell the roses” was used for this particular column. 

Its something that I think everyone will take something from wether you are a high flying businessman with no health problems or someone like me who doesn’t have their health and is struggling. This is an article I like because it gets over the point that we are all special. 

If you want to have a look at the column online please Click Here.

Also if you go on twitter, drop me a line. I dont bite and will talk to anyone if they want to talk about anything that my blog mentions. Whatever your situation, however bad you think things are… you are NOT alone. 

"Epilepsy never makes me shy away from life"

A few days ago I got contacted by a lovely lady called Liz. She is a reporter and done the previous articles on me  and my awareness videos and doing my abseil (if you’ve not read them they can be found by clicking here Abseil article and here Awareness video articles).

In our paper there is a section about people in the town. I always thought people in this section were prominent people of the town though now i have been asked i’m not so sure what their criteria is.
Anyway I was asked and I agreed. I got sent some questions and replied and this is the result.

Click here to read the article online

Speaking out.

Over the weeks running up to the abseil I started speaking out about epilepsy more. I was never the type to tell the world about my problems… It just wasn’t me. However after meeting people online and looking back at the people I have met in this world that were rude, nasty and had not any idea about epilepsy I realised that my new friends were right and that more awareness needed to be raised about epilepsy. If you say the word cancer to someone they instantly understand and know what you mean… try saying the word epilepsy and watch the persons expression as they try and analyse you to see if you are mental, or can understand them or are going to attack them at any given moment… its not right. 

I looked about on the internet and I relaised that although there are many more things about than when I was a teen there was nothing to really help them or infact the rest of the world know they are not alone. 

I then created this video. 

This tells the truth about living with epilepsy and tells people about my epilepsy. 

Epilepsy is about having seizures but it is more severe than you think and 1000 people in the UK alone die every year from epilepsy. 

I Wanted to show people with epilepsy they are not alone and that everyone has down days but life is still worth living. After the struggles I have had in life I nearly didnt make it, not because I have been in intensive care a total of 3 times due to seizure but because I tried to end it all when I was a teen and felt so alone.  Anyway this has a positive end of that  it is hard but it does get better and it is worth the struggle. 

I have since made a few more videos about my fundraising and about epilepsy. There will be more in the future to they can be viewed on my youtube channel. link below. 
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Ive also done a interview with a online paper and the Local media and I hope when I figure out what im going to do next re fundraising they will help me cover it and raise even more awareness. 

Link to the online article below 

The News paper article about my abseil