Nursing the nation?

June and i had my acceptance letter arrive from University. Id applied for the nursing course as i needed to get out of physiotherapy. It wasn’t just my supervisor… i expected to have trouble in the future employment after this anyway it was i wanted to help more that i could as a physio.
September 2006 my new life started.
I met my new friends, my colleagues and work mates. My best friend was made here and our bond will be life long.
I flew through year 1. I found the work easy and i was in my element. I loved the physical work just as much as the university course work.
year 2 was not as easy but i still loved every minute. Even the all nighters! I also found love. in the form of another nurse . I was not expecting it and i would have never looked for it where i found it but a simple gesture of lending him and pen and then him returning it (very rare in nursing world…. pens normally find themselves lost forever) brought us tougher.
in my first semester i moved in with him. despite being a hour and a half journey away it was not that difficult as we both worked in canterbury so travelled together and life was good. I loved making home and even liked all the bits that went with that. I still had the odd seizure and they became worse if ill or that time of the month. In the may things took off and i ended up in hospital myself. Things were not easy but i got out of hospital and continued my course and caught up pretty well.
year 3. the start of Year 3 went so quick. in may MY new love and i went on holiday to America. It was my first holiday to a sunny climate. i was happy and excited yet scared as it was far from everything i knew.
I boarded the plane and my stomach sank…. was i doing the right thing?

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