Feeling stronger

Well here i am, back to blogging and feeling i must say a lot stronger to what i was feeling for the last couple of months. Ive also been working on my latest project which I’m dying to share with you all. Its really huge. I have now set up my own charity┬áTeam Jo Epilepsy Foundation so I can decide where the fundraising money and donations go.
The Charity is in the early stages at the moment in planning its first events but its major exciting. I want to thank all those of team Jo who have helped me get this far.

So this is the welcome to Team Jo epilepsy foundation.



So until we get set up there are a few changes that need to be done. Im working on another website for the charity so you will slowly see changes on this one including links which id love you to go and subscribe to. Also the fund-raising donate now buttons – can i ask that you email me regarding any donations you wish to make and i can give you details on how to go about that. don’t worry i will still be blogging !

So yes really exciting times ahead.


Id like to make a massive thank you to Fairy faye productions for being Team Jo Epilepsy Foundation’s first sponsor