Cadbury World

What girl does not want to go to cadbury world, the place where chocolate is made! and in my case dreams !

Ive always wanted to see the world of chocolate, to be in the biggest chocolate shop in the UK and to smell chocolate being made. It was a 2 hour trip to Birmingham – I really didnt realise it was so far. When My bestie said about going I never thought it would be so far. We arrived after the journey and entered Cadbury world. 
there is so so much to say about cadbury world but if i did then it would ruin the surprise for you going yourself.  There are alot of talks, lots of lessons about chocolate and a chocolate bean ride, 
We were bombarded with chocolate bars at the beginning and then little pots of heaven… i mean to say little pots of melted chocolate around the course of the tour. 
Then you get to write your name in chocolate and watch chocolate being made the new way and the old fashioned way. I could never work in a chocolate factory it would be far too tempting. 
There were lots of shapes made from chocolate,… i even found a chocolate clarinet and saxophone ! 
Sadly these were not for sale. 
the day was fab, very tiring and i was struggling that day but totally loved the experience.

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