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Far away friends

Today was the first day I’ve got up and dressed in the few weeks I’ve been poorly. I know I’ve missed out a few days from my blog and I will catch up on them when I’m feeling up to it but had to blog about this special event (not me getting dressed but what’s to follow!).

11 years ago I met a man and woman Allan and Pat may who are from Australia. I met them at school, Allan was my D&T teacher for a year. We got on really well and vowed to keep in touch, and we did to this day. Via email, letter, phone, and recently Facebook: 
Today we met up again. I was suppose to go down town with them but as I didn’t feel up to it they were happy to come to mine for a cuppa and chat. We chatted for a couple of hours about this and that and what had been going on in our lives and then once again parted and vowed to stay in touch. 
This is another memory made and to cherish. I value my friends dearly. One day I may meet them on their home ground in Australia but until then we have memories and the contact we promise to keep to keep us going. 
Me and Allan 

Me and Pat