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It came tumbling down

I had just got the ok to take my driving test and it was booked for a week thursday. I was ecstatic. work was great life was great. Yet i had a niggling feeling. I hadn’t been feeling well the last few days. I was tired It was the wrong time of the month and my headaches becoming unbearable again…. i had a odd feeling but couldn’t describe it to myself so talking to a dr i thought was useless.
I was working at the main hospital and the local one so id my own patient groups in both and flitted easily too and throw by bus yet i craved the car for the ease.
I got to work at 8:30 and sat in the office doing a few bits of paperwork before heading off to the ward. It was a hot summer day and the hospital was stuffy… i gulped down some pills and a glass of water and grabbed my list hoping the pills would kick in quick.
I done a few patients on my own and then met my friend and colleague to do a double patient. our supervisor was there and wanted to check on the patient too as it had been a while since she was there… i took a step back and let her take over .
the room went blurry and i woke up on the floor attached to a sats and bp monitor. I had had a fit.
The world ended again
I lay on the floor and when my fellow work colleagues stopped to talk i explained that i was ok i will be ok i just need to rest. I went home and when i returned to work the next day i was told i was not to be working with my supervisor anymore. This was because of the seizure and she disagreed with me working there at all. I fought for 3 months and finally won over and had my job back and a apology the stress was not needed though my seizures were again controlled and i had my job but i was so close to my dark days it scared me… I made in my head promise to be happy and to think of disney and sparkles for future.