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Christmas countdown

The countdown to christmas was once again a lot of fun, Though I didn’t decorate the house I did go to a few gigs with a band and I did get to see the coca cola truck which was on my bucket list !

It wwas really lucky really as I was due to go with a friend but had had a night of seizures and felt terrible. Mum said there was no way she was happy with me going out with someone else feeling and looking (mums can be so charming sometimes) like I was.,… However she was wonderful and took me herself. Despite the struggle even getting me to the car !.

We got there mega early by about 2 hours however were busting for a coffee so decided to take a very slow unsteady walk to maccy D’s and grab one. then come back to the car for a rest. – On our way to maccy d’s there was the big red truck in all its glory… all shiny and with the lights. They hadn’t really set up but the truck was all  I’d come for that christmas spirit was all around that truck.

Here are a few photos we took…. I totally loved my time spent with the truck and we came home and crashed.








The rest of christmas countdown really isn’t worth talking about at this point however I will say I made many really good and true friends.

Night all xxx

Christmas time!

I Will be doing very few Christmas cards this year. However it means nothing to what you mean to me, a card will not define our friendship any better, it won’t make us stronger and it won’t mean we won’t talk. However it will cause me more stress, and make me even more tired than I already am this year. Christmas this year has jumped out on me like a ninja on roller skates and I’m just not ready for it. I’m not in the mood for the tinsel, dusty decorations or even Turkey! I’m not being bah humbug… I normally love the run up to Christmas but this year the only thing I’m looking forward to is the band Christmas concert. The rest I could easily do without. Christmas seems far to commercial and the real meaning? Well your be hard pushed to find it anywhere amongst the glitter, tinsel and fairy lights. 


Last year I worked so hard putting up trees, decorating the house, making Christmas cakes and having people over that by the time Christmas came I felt so ill I didn’t want to know. In fact I spent part of the run up and then new year in hospital! This year I’m taking a step back…. I’ve done little cards, am not decorating the house and not having a tree. We will probably have a turkey dinner but if it was up to me I’d probably just have stew or pasta and I will go to the band Christmas concert cos to me that makes my Christmas. As for parties, gatherings and the rest…. Well it can be left. It’s not what Christmas is about.

One of my resolutions last year was to not be pressured into doing things that I know will cause me pain. Well it’s taken a year for me to actually do that and it starts at Christmas. So despite no cards, no tree, no decorations, no lights, no gatherings round mine with friends, late nights lots of food and things, it doesn’t mean I’m not celebrating and it doesn’t mean I think any less of you it just means I’m learning to take care of myself. It means I’m taking a stand. Just because someone says this is what Christmas is it doesn’t mean it’s how everyone has to do it. So I’m not bah humbug I’m trying to play a game this year and it’s to stay out of hospital! 

Merry Christmas to you all