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Holiday preparations.

So Friday 28th we were due to go to Lincolnshire to see one of my bestest friends. The packing was a well…. Ummm….. Challenge. Lots of pressies and lots of stuff which I felt I needed (I still think I need it) plus a lot of medical stuff (whole suitcase to be exact). A few play about bits including my old flute (don’t like being without a musical instruments).

Finally we were ready. We had to take Magick to cattery which although it was the best cattery around 5* and very lovely people I still had a lot of tears. He had all his home comforts there though and looked ok when I left. I try not to think of him too much as I know he will be fine. 
The taxi came, Nigel was lovely. We had lots and lots of traffic on the way though 

Eventually we got to Lincolnshire, OMG the scenery. Lots of fields and pretty lanes. Some we saw as on the way to Linda’s we got a little lost but finally after about 5 hours we arrived at Linda’s. 
Cuppa and meet the dogs and chill out was for the rest of the day. It’s was lovely to see her again. 
We went up to our room and the bed was lovely made and there were Disney cushions! So fab… And they were for me. What a surprise. I am a huge Disney fan! 
There was even a finding Nemo one…… 
“Just keep swimming” 
After a long days travel my head was quite bad, a little while on the oxygen and it eased a bit though. Bed time was very welcomed. So much fun ahead of us.